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Our ACMA Phone Technicians are telephone line technicians accredited by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. This accreditation is earned after demonstrating good knowledge, understanding and experience in the installation and repair of phone lines.

Most ACMA phone technicians are only accredited at the minimum level required to hold their cabling license. But here at Franklin Bell, we're master cablers, highly qualified and with substantial experience in telecommunications.

But wait - what does that mean? It means we've demonstrated that our knowledge and understanding of ADSL and other telecommunications technologies far exceeds the level required to hold an open cabling license. And it means we don't guess our way around repairs. We know how to find line faults efficiently and accurately. It also means that when it comes to installing a new point or service, we do it properly.

That's why all our work is fully guaranteed. We've invested in our education, our quality control and our equipment so you get the benefit of dealing with a highly skilled professional. Our experience in telecommunications spans more than 10 years, and we've worked on every segment of the landline network, from the carrier's telephone exchanges, to mobile phone towers, point-to-point wireless links and broadband services, like ADSL.

We can help speed up your ADSL line, so you don't have to wait for slow websites and pages to load.

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